ToDG: Why are we behind?

04 Jun. 2018 ·  RonBWL  ·  Tales of Demons and Gods

ToDG readers might have noticed that we're quite behind in release comparing to ReadManhua (A YouTube channel that also releases ToDG in video format). In case you've missed the announcement (Or you're not in our Discord server yet), here's why:

Up until recently, we've been releasing ToDG using Low Quality raw, which are released early but more quality-compressed for mobile app, which makes them not very good-looking on full size readers. There have been some suggestions preferring higher quality raw like the old days, and after a community vote, we've come to decide that we will go back to using High Quality raw for the release. That said however, the HQ raw arrives one week later than the LQ raw, which means from now on we will always have a 1-week delay comparing to the earliest scanlate available (In this case, from ReadManhua). In the future, when we finalized our ToDG contract, we might be able to gain access to HQ raw earlier and this issue will be fixed.

We hope that you guys understand, and continue to support us on ToDG scanlating.