ToDG: Sniping issue with OManga and our answers

12 Jun. 2018 ·  RonBWL  ·  Tales of Demons and Gods

Yo folks - it has come to our attention that another group (OManga) is sniping ToDG with fast (But *cough cough* trash quality) release. Not only is this unheathical but they're also trying to cash-grab by directing readers to their site for the .5 part (Which is full of ads and doesn't even have a reader to begin with). Right now we're working with MangaDex to try to get those incomplete/scam release taken down, but we'd like to point out a few things first:

1. The reason we slowed down release is to maintain quality raw, not that we're slacking. Still, since some people love to read release ASAP and are willing to tolerate the sub-par raw, we are more than happy to release our own LQ version (Which will come out around the same time with ReadManhua)

2. We are not trying to shut down competition; OManga team is just doing a poor job even on early release (Far worse that what RMH did). So we simply won't take kindly to them.

3. We are not dropping ToDG, we still hold the official translation license for it and we will keep on our work. Keep in mind that, while we never go out of our way to DMCA anyone, our contractor has the power to do that, and we are not responsible if anything happens to "sniping" scans on ToDG.

Thanks for reading